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Vetiver Roll-on

Vetiver Roll-on

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This is an oil blend that will have you thinking of blissful days spent at a spa, getting a massage and just relaxing. Our Vetiver Roll-On Oil is a wonderful addition to your daily routine. It'll help you add a bit of peace and quiet and relaxation to your life, especially in times when finding that seems like it'll be difficult. Vetiver is most often used in perfumes, but in this blend, you don't have to worry about any extra harsh chemicals or skin irritants. Instead, it's just pure essential oils.

Whether your emotions are running high or you just want to keep yourself grounded, our Vetiver Roll-On Oil is a great option for both. Simply roll this on to your wrists or even roll onto the bottom of your feet before bed to give your emotions a bit of a break and feel a bit of calm in the middle of a storm.

Ingredients:  fractionated coconut oil, vetiver essential oil

10 ml

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