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Mookaite Jasper Lava Beads Diffusing Bracelet

Mookaite Jasper Lava Beads Diffusing Bracelet

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Mookaite comes from Mooka Creek in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia.  It's healing properties are known for supporting and strengthening the root chakra.  Mookaite is a nurturing stone that supports you during times of stress.  Wearing Mookaite can bring you peace, help you with decision making and promote emotional growth.

You can enjoy your favorite essential oil anytime you want throughout the day with your Mookaite gemstone essential oil diffusing bracelet by simply placing a few drops of essential oil on the porous lava beads.  The aroma can last up to 10 days.

 All our bead diffusing bracelets are handmade in our studio in Iowa. 

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