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Empath Grounding Aromatherapy Spray

Empath Grounding Aromatherapy Spray

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When life leaves you feeling scattered, finding the right products to ground yourself and gather your thoughts is essential. Our Empath Grounding Aromatherapy Spray is the perfect solution for those moments when you need to pause amidst life's chaos. Crafted with a magnificent blend of ylang ylang, clary sage, and patchouli, this spray helps you find calm within the whirlwind.

As an empath, you might find yourself absorbing other people's emotions, energy, and baggage, leading to chaos and imbalance in your body, mind, and soul. Naad Naturals Empath Grounding Spray offers relief and grounding after you've absorbed all of that SH@#!  Spray it over your entire body and let go of the weight, returning to your beautiful, authentic self.

Our Empath Grounding Aromatherapy Spray is versatile, suitable for spraying directly on your skin, clothes, and even your face. Because it's made with essential oils, it's all-natural and free from toxins or harmful chemicals. We meticulously blend our sprays to ensure top quality, providing you with a product that's safe for your entire family. This blend offers tranquility and balance, supporting you throughout your daily activities by grounding yourself and realigning your body and mind.

As a bonus, each purchase comes with a free charm, adding an extra touch of positivity to your day. Crafted with care and infused with positive mantras, our aromatherapy products offer a transformative experience with every spritz. Elevate your spiritual practice and find your center with our empowering Empath Grounding Aromatherapy Spray.


2oz/60 ml

ingredients: our proprietary blend, ylang ylang essential oil, patchouli essential oil, Myrrh essential oil, Clary sage essential oil

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