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Garnet gemstone roll-on

Garnet gemstone roll-on

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Set your intentions and grab one of Naad Naturals' essential oil gemstone roll-on blends.  Our aromatherapy roll-on blends have been developed to go hand in hand with your favorite gemstones to enhance your intuition. Bring you luck and prosperity. Relieve stress and anxiety. Give you clarity and energy. Enhance your communications. Increase your focus. Purify and open your heart. Increase compassion and love for self and others.

Naad Naturals has formulated each blend to work in synergy with your intention and what each gemstone represents.  Included with each bottle is a chakra charm that corresponds with the gemstone.

Essential oil refills are available.

Garnet Gemstone Roll-on net is an energizing stone used to attract and activate passion and success. It can remove emotional and energetic blocks that may be limiting your vitality, as well as old patterns that can get in your way. Garnet is said to create energetic and emotional balance in the body.

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