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Mental Focus Aromatherapy Spray

Mental Focus Aromatherapy Spray

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There are certain days when we all need some extra focus in our lives. Whether it’s after a long meeting and you need to focus on another task or it’s been a long week and you are struggling with your focus, check out our Focus aromatherapy spray. This is a special blend of essential oils that mix a sweet minty aroma with a spicy basil to help stimulate your mind. Whether you are dealing with an afternoon lull or you just need to sharpen your mind, this can help with clarity and focus.

Simply spray this around the room you are in and you can start feeling the effects and benefits of this spray. This is a great way to wake yourself up that doesn’t involve adding harsh chemicals into your body or giving yourself a chemical high that will be followed by a crash. Our Focus aromatherapy spray is an all-natural option that is beneficial for your health and free from chemicals and other toxins.

FREE charm included with purchase. 

Ingredients:  distilled water, vegetable glycerin, spearmint essential oil, basil essential oil & wintergreen essential oil

Directions for use:  Spray as a room spray, use on your body (do not spray on your face), spray directly onto your hands and inhale, spray anywhere you want to freshen the air and gain more focus.

Warning: avoid face and eyes with the Focus aromatherapy spray. 

2 oz./60 ml

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