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Title: “Crystal Bamboo Water Bottles - Infuse Your Water with Healing Gemstones!”

Title: “Crystal Bamboo Water Bottles - Infuse Your Water with Healing Gemstones!”

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Elevate your hydration game with our Crystal bamboo water bottles! Choose from a selection of gemstones including amethyst, citrine, black tourmaline, Tiger’s eye, and rose quartz to infuse your water with their unique vibrational frequencies. Enhance your health and vitality by sipping on water charged with the healing energy of crystals, an ancient practice known for its benefits. Raise your vibration and nourish your body with every sip. Shop now and start your journey to wellness with our beautiful Crystal bamboo water bottles. 

Each bottle is accompanied by its own protective black sleeve, ensuring its safety. Additionally, the bottom of the bottle is designed to unscrew easily, allowing you to switch out your crystals whenever you desire.

Amethyst benefits- dispels, anger, fear, and anxiety, alleviate, sadness, and grief, stimulates creativity helps with sleep problems

Citrine - Attracts wealth, prosperity and success, releases, depression, fears and phobias, promote self-confidence and self-respect, gives energy, delight and enthusiasm and stimulates, creativity, and self expression

Rose Quartz- Known as the “stone of love”, opens the heart to all forms of love, self-love, romantic, love, family, love, encourages self forgiveness and acceptance, and releases tension and stress

Tiger’s Eye- Protect against negative energies, brings good luck and prosperity, boost, self-confidence, and willpower, helps to focus the mind and helps you stay grounded and centered

Black Obsidian - A powerful cleanser of negative energy in your aura, strong, protective, stone releases, dis harmony that has built up in your life

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