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Aura cleansing aromatherapy spray

Aura cleansing aromatherapy spray

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Empower your manifestation journey with our Manifest Essential Oil Spray, designed to help you manifest your desires with confidence. Infused with basil essential oil, known for promoting self-esteem, enthusiasm, and assertiveness, our spray amplifies your ability to manifest your dreams.

Enhanced with Amazonite chips to boost vibrational frequency, our Manifest Spray magnifies your intentions, whether sprayed onto your body or in your space. Set your intentions and watch as your dreams come to life in your beautiful existence.

Ideal for those seeking a body or room spray to aid in manifestation, our hand-blended Spirital awareness Sprays offer a diverse range of blends to support every area of your life. Spray in the air to infuse your surroundings with positive energy and intention.

Crafted with care and infused with positive mantras, each of our aromatherapy products promises a transformative experience with every spritz. Elevate your spiritual practice and manifest your aspirations with our Manifest Essential Oil Spray.


2oz/60 ml

ingresients: our proprietary blend, myrrh essential, basil essential oil 

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