Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Essential oil diffusing bracelet

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Essential oil diffusing bracelet

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Tiger’s eye is a stone for protection and can bring the wearer good luck. It can also bring mental clarity and can dispel fear & anxiety. 

You can enjoy your favorite essential oil anytime you want throughout the day with your Tiger’s eye gemstone essential oil diffusing bracelet by simply placing a few drops of essential oil on the porous lava beads.  The aroma can last up to 5 days. 

Lava Rock beads are literally made from cooled down molten rock.  When a volcano erupts, red hot molten rock spills out of the volcano and flows away as lava until it becomes cool, solid, porous and black.  Lava Rock is known for being a grounding stone, one that can balance the emotions and bring about calmness.   Add your favorite calming oil to enhance the benefits.