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Whether you are hitting the gym bright and early and getting a sweat session in or you are just getting ready for a long day at work, one of the first things you should be reaching for is a quality deodorant. Naad Naturals deodorant is a natural blend of essential oils and apple cider vinegar that not only will keep you smelling fresh, but they’ll also kill any bacteria that tries to grow on your skin throughout the day.

Most deodorants have a blend of harmful chemicals and ingredients including parabens, aluminums, and other chemicals that can cause your body harm. You don’t want to put aluminum on your skin all day, nor do you actually want to block your body from doing its natural job of allowing you to sweat and cool down. With our all-natural deodorant, you don’t have to. This blend will keep you clean, not mess with what your body needs to do, and smell great.

Use: Leaves you fresh, cool and clean.

Directions: Spray 3-5 times onto clean skin and allow to dry before putting on clothes. Re-apply as needed or before intense activities such as exercising.

Size: 4 oz. 118 ml

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