Chakra bracelet

Chakra bracelet

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This handmade chakra bracelet contains  red tiger's eye, goldstone, citrine, nephrite jade, blue jasper, lapis lazuli & amethyst gemstones.

Ensuring your chakras are in alignment can bring many benefits.  Wearing jewelry for the chakras can help the positive vibrations to reach inside the deepest parts of the body.  The energy flows through the body and opening up the nodes that have been blocked for a long time. This helps you to stay kind and compassionate but also helps you to feel grounded more ever so that you discover yourself from within and be your own inner guide.

With chakra jewelry in close contact with the skin, your body can release the negative vibes so that you can feel relaxed and calm. 

Wearing chakra jewelry helps you stay healthy not only physically but also spiritually. It provides the wearer with a balance and stable emotional strength.

With all of our handmade bracelets the item you receive may have slight variations from the item pictured.  This is due to the fact that not all stones are identical.