Your New Favorite Bracelet

Your New Favorite Bracelet

Lava Stone Bracelets; Wearable Essential Oil Diffusers

You’ve seen the bracelets.  Men wear them.  Women wear them.  Kids wear them.  They make great gifts.  You buy them for your friends.  You buy them for yourself.  They’re so ubiquitous you can’t remember the first time you saw one, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going away.    Small lava beads that create a lacy charcoal-colored pallet, paired with wooden or metallic spacers or charms, and embellished with semi-precious stones or crystals.  They come in every possible configuration and combination of size, pattern, design. They stack well, and if you want to wear a rainbow of colors on your arm, there are no rules against it.  They make a perfect gift for a coworker or a friend from your book club, and you don’t have to worry that they won’t find an occasion to wear it.  These bracelets seem universal. But where did they come from?  Why are they so popular? And don’t you wish you had come up with this idea?

First, a little about the lava stones themselves. Yes, these little stones came by their name honestly. They really are made from lava. Technically they are volcanic rocks, because lava is what we call the molten river flowing out of an actively erupting volcano.  And more specifically, most of these lava stones are actually a type of obsidian, which you may remember from science class as a hard, glassy black stone, only this particular type of obsidian was actually aerated by the gasses flowing through it as it cooled, which gives it it’s rough texture and honeycomb-hollow feel. Many of the lava stones in circulation are actually mined in the United States, from volcanoes that were once active in the western part of the country.  These volcanoes erupted tens of thousands of years ago, but the rocks they formed are still being brought to the surface and used today.  Many of the stones are used in landscaping as a durable alternative to mulch, or to add color beneath trees and along decorative borders around homes and businesses. Landscaping is a perfect use for these stones, because they are easy to transport and inexpensive thanks to their light weight, while their porous nature allows them to absorb, filter, and conserve water usage. 

Back to the jewelry.  The pitted, porous surface of lava stones is what makes them perfect for diffusing essential oils.  Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend onto the lava stone bead jewelry while you’re wearing it.  Now the bead contains the scent, and as it lies close to your skin, your own body heat warms the oil and scents the air around you as you move through your day. We know everyone has a scent they love, whether it’s because it helps them to focus at work, calms them down in unfamiliar environments, helps them to relax and fall asleep at bedtime, or energizes and cheers them up before an anticipated event.  But scent is a very personal preference, and not everyone around you may appreciate the same scent as you do.  That’s where the brilliance of lava stone jewelry comes in; you can create your own personal best scent environment right around you, without changing the entire space. And maybe you’re wearing your favorite scent on your lava stone diffuser bracelet because you can’t do much about the air in the space around you.  Do you love to travel but find you are sensitive to certain unpleasant smells?  Wearable essential oil diffusers are ideal for helping you navigate the less pleasant aspects of airplanes, trains, buses, and hotels or shared housing.  

At Naad Naturals, our essential oil diffusing lava stone bracelets are individually designed, hand beaded, and made with love.  Our community workspace is always filled with music and mantra, and we feel that these positive vibrations help to set the highest mindset needed to create quality products that will serve you in your healing journey.  Our bracelets come in every size, color, and aesthetic style you can imagine.  You might narrow down your options by starting with your favorite gemstone.  Perhaps you’re attracted to the color, or you might be looking for a stone that resonates with a particular intention you’re currently working with.  Once you’ve chosen your stones, wear the bracelet regularly. You can enjoy your favorite essential oil anytime you want, wherever you might be going, by just placing a few drops onto the porous lava stone beads.  The aroma will be most intense if reapplied regularly, but that’s not always necessary, as certain scents can last up to 10 days!  Check out our selection and start diffusing essential oils with your lava stone bracelet from Naad Naturals. 

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